The official #Emerging Proud website goes live!



We achieve nothing by ‘wishing’ things could be different and waiting for others to create a better world. If we want to see change, WE have to create it; together.

The #Emerging Proud campaign believes that change is necessary, and possible.

Today sets the ball rolling for what will be a momentous shift in how spiritual experiences are perceived, and treated, in society. Believing that is the only way to make it happen.

Go to and sign up for all of the exciting news leading up to the big launch of:

INTERNATIONAL epbanner  DAY ON 12th MAY 2017

…more pictures of people #emergingproud, more emotive personal stories, more interviews…LOTS more!

Be the first to find out how to book your seat for the LIVE premiere: coming very soon!

Be the first to receive news on how to pre- order your personal signed copy of the official #Emerging Proud commemorative hard back book; only 150 copies available worldwide!

Very significantly, the first interview blog for the official #emergingproud website will be with Dr David Lukoff, who talks in depth about his personal experience; the very transformation that led to his career in transpersonal psychology. SIGN UP NOW, for that and news about how YOU could be attending the inaugural #Emerging Proud live event on 12th May 2017!

Will you be part of creating the new world?

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