About Me

Hello, I’m Katie and I communicate with spirits.

I also sense energies, have experienced telepathy, precognition, premonition and had glimpses of some of my past lives.

Sounds like an AA meeting confession doesn’t it? It has certainly been a similar journey of denial, fear, shame and now, thankfully due to finding the right support, acceptance and joy. But it’s not all ‘love and light’, that is such an illusion and one I believe can be very harmful. I am determined to change the media perception of spiritual experiences in order to help others.

I worked in the mental health system when I ‘woke up’ to my spiritual self, and ironically I had to seek support outside of that system in order not to have my experiences pathologised. I think it was the fact that I ‘knew what not not say’ which was the only thing that saved me from a potential label of psychotic and being medicated.

I now know that what I experienced was a spiritual emergence, and although it’s actually very common, it is hugely misunderstood within the Western cultural framework.

Thankfully, because I was able to frame my crisis in a more empowering way, it has been transformative for me and has ignited a huge passion to support others who may not have been so lucky in finding such a helpful framework for understanding their own distress.

I am now an International Speaker working to normalize spiritual experiences in the mental health system, and hope that through opening up about my personal experience that the gap between psychiatry and spirituality may lessen, in order that more people can be supported to benefit from the transformative potential of their experiences.

If you are experiencing similar things and are struggling to manage – hang on in; there is help available. Go to International Spiritual Emergence Network (ISEN)  for information.

I hope that my story provides a step along the bridge to ‘Mending the Gap’, and that the more of us who dare to speak out, the more ‘normalised’ these experiences will become.

As Mahatma Ghandi said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”